TRIWA is an acronym for Transforming the Industry of watches. Since the start in 2007 we have tried to add creativity and innovation to the traditional watch industry. With our mission Time for Change we make watches into modern symbols of change with the aim to make watches into a statement symbol instead of status symbols. 


Our customer is someone who cares. Someone who is educated enough to consume world news. They also care about what they are wearing, because it says something about their persona. They don’t necessarily buy into products because they are the must haves right now, they would rather buy what looks good and feels good, because they are confident enough that they are who they are and wear what they like. 


• Regular affiliate communication updates with latest offers, new arrivals, and stories behind our products.

• Opportunities to run exclusive partnerships with TRIWA

• A range of regularly updated banners and exclusive content

• Incentivised commission rate on all approved sites up to 15%

• Good AOV and on-site conversion rate

• 30-day cookie window

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