Time for Peace
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Time for Peace

In conflict-torn areas where our partner IM operates, illegal firearms are confiscated by local authorities and melted down. We then buy the resulting metal to make watches and give back 15% of sales to support victims of armed violence through IM. So far we've donated over €200,000 and destroyed over 12,000 weapons. Thank you for joining us in making a positive impact.

The process

Illegal firearms are confiscated by local authorities in conflict torn societies, where our partner IM (Swedish Development Partner) is operational . The weapons are then being melted down by local foundries. This metal is then being bought by us and transformed into watches. Last but not least for each watch sold we give back 15% to IM and their work with victims of armed violence in the areas from which the weapons have been confiscated. So far, we have been able to give back approx. $150 000 to IM and their work with victims of armed violence and we have been part of the destruction of over 12 000 weapons. It is time for peace!

A symbol of change

TRIWA x Humanium Metal watches come with the iconic designed solid Humanium Metal case, made completely from recycled illegal weapons. It is made with contrasting metal finishes, stamped out indexes, revolver chamber crown design and signal red details. Each watch is uniquely numbered on the backplate and you can choose between organically tanned leather straps or recycled PET nylon. Wear your values right on your wrist and make a statement against gun related violence.