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Time for Ocean Ally

Launched in 2020, our TRIWA Time for Oceans collection was the first watch collection in the world to use Ocean Plastic in the case construction - and additionally, using Ocean Plastic in the watch straps.  We continue to work with #tide ocean material® to source the materials, now made from Ocean Bound Plastics.

In August 2023, TRIWA launched the Ocean Ally Watch, alongside the new TRIWA Ally Fund.  This watch carries simplicity of design that makes it an instant classic, while also sending a powerful message that the wearer is an ally of the oceans.

In August 2023, TRIWA takes another important first step in the launch of our TRIWA Ocean Ally Belt.  This is the world's first Ocean Plastic belt - featuring our signature wave icon on the buckle, the Ocean Ally Belt is an item we are proud to offer this ethical alternative to a traditional belt while working with Ocean Plastic and Ocean Bound Plastic materials, also sourced from #tide ocean materials®.

Introducing the TRIWA Ally Fund

The TRIWA Ally Fund was born out of a desire of us at TRIWA to formalize and help serve as a springboard for individuals and small organizations, to lessen any financial blocks in taking action.  Aimed at helping small organizations and individuals who want to do something good for ocean health, the money gathered in the TRIWA Ally Fund is available for use for any project large or small.  This could be cleanup or preventative action, with any element of the ocean ecosystem in mind.

How does the TRIWA Ally Fund get funded?

If a TRIWA item is part of the Ally Fund collection, we will place €5 (approx $5 or £4) into the fund for every item sold.  Simple as that! Occasionally, we will partner with an organization for an Ally Fund item - such as UOcean for our Ocean Ally Watch, or Local Ocean Conservation for our Ocean Ally Belt in Light Seaweed. In those instances, we are reserving the ally funds for those items for those organizations.
Check in regularly, we will drop in more and more Ally Fund Items in the months ahead, and sometimes we will denote a specific item as a "guest item" to the Ally fund for a short period.