Fossil-Free Steel
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TRIWA and SSAB have collaborated to bring you the world’s first watch made from fossil-free steel. The case is crafted using fossil-free steel powder sourced from SSAB Oxelösund in Sweden, and comes in two colorways. Our Slate option has a high-qualityItalian leatherstrap and a Japanese automatic movement, while our Indigo option has a strap made fromrecycled ocean plasticwith a Japanese quartz movement. The dial color scheme, oversized hour markers, and hands are inspired by SSAB’s steel production, giving the watch a unique and industrial look. At TRIWA we take sustainability seriously, and this is a major step towards sustainably produced steel. It's time for decarbonization.

The story of SSAB

SSAB, the Swedish Steel manufacturer, has a fascinating story that spans over a century and has established them as one of the leaders in the steel industry. The roots of SSAB trace back to the late 1800s when two Swedish steel companies, Fagersta Bruk and Domnarvets Jernverk, were founded. These companies played vital roles in Sweden’s industrial development, supplying steel for various applications. In 1978, these two companies merged to become SSAB, and have since then recognized the importance of sustainability and embarked on a journey to become a pioneer in this aspect of the steel industry.