Watch model: Nevil

Setting the time

1. Release the crown by turning it counterclockwise.
2. Pull out the crown
3. Set the time by turning the crown
4. When time is set, push the crown all the way back
5. Secure the crown by turning it clockwise.

Using the stopwatch:

This stopwatch is able to measure and display time in 1second united up to maximum of 29min 59sec. Stopwatch will stop automatically after running continuously for 30 minutes.

Movement: Miyota 0S21

Measuring time with the stopwatch

  1. Press button "A" to start the stopwatch.
  2. The stopwatch can be started and stopped each time button "A" is pressed.
  3. Pressing button "B" resets the stopwatch and stopwatch minute and second hands return to their zero positions.

* Button A and B do not function during resetting the stopwatch.

Stopwatch reset

This procedure should be performed when the stopwatch second hand does not return to the zero position after a reset, and after the battery has been replaced.

  1. Pull the crown out to the 1st Click Position.
  2. Press the button "A" to set the stopwatch second hand forward 
  3. Once the hands have been zeroed, push in and secure the crown

*The stopwatch minute hand is synchronized with stopwatch second hand.

*The stop watch second hand can be advanced rapidly by continuously pressing button "A"