Time for Power celebrates power and womanhood whilst being a physical reminder of strength.

This timepiece is not made from any innovative material, but from upcycled frustration and a strong desire for change.


In 2021 TRIWA designer Tove Thambert and Art Director Ioana Opri presented the concept of Time for Power as a response to the watch industry’s focus on masculinity and status.

“We wanted to create a watch by women, for women that could act as a physical reminder of your own inner power. So when checking the time you’d instantly be reminded to take space, speak loudly and stand up for yourself and other women.

That’s why this watch, although a reinterpreted classic in its expression, features important physical markers like the subtle YOU GOT THIS text on the side, the female symbol on the dial and a cheeky smiley on the crown.

It’s like a piece of jewellery meant to mark the passing of time and empower you on your day to day endeavours as a woman.”