Changing the strap
  1. Use a thin and sharp tool and place it between the lug and the strap to reach the metal pin
  2. Push down to release the spring and remove the strap
  3. Move the pins from the old to the new strap
  4. Place the pin end to the lug hole
  5. Use the tool again to push down the spring so that the pin end reaches the hole for fastening

Adjusting the mesh strap size

  1. Use a thin and sharp tool to lift up the locking part - see image A
  2. Slide the buckle along the strap to adjust the size - see image B. Note that the strap has cavities on the backside for different buckle options
  3. When correct size is set, push down the locking part - see image C

Attaching the nato / mono strap

  1. Unless the watch has fixed lugs, use a thin and sharp tool to remove the existing strap - see the change the strap instructions.
  2. Attach the pins to the watch case again but without strap - see CHANGE STRAP instructions
  3. Attach the long strap part as in image A
  4. Secure the watch case by letting the long strap part through the loop of the shorter part as in image B
Adjusting the butterfly strap size
  1. Push buckle buttons to open the strap - see image A
  2. Flip open the hinged metal part to be able to move the pin to a different strap hole for size adjustment - see image B
  3. When the correct time is set, push the metal part back down